Toshihiro Hirano
Noboru Aikawa
Character Design
Narumi Kakinouchi
Picture Board
Narumi Kakinouchi (1,3 &4) e Toshihiro Hirano (2)
Supervisore Animazioni
Narumi Kakinouchi e Masanori Nishii (3)
Monster Design & Stage Setting
Kiyoyasu Moriki
Direttore Artistico
Youji Nakaza (1 & 2) e Youichi Nangou (3 & 4)
Effetti Sonori
Etsuji Yamada
Kenji Kawai


Namiko Watanabe
Himiko Se
Mami Koyama
Gorou Naya


Personaggi Secondari

Episodio 1

Katsumi Torikai
Kiyoko Kobayashi
Padre di Aiko
Hideyoshi Nakamura
Madre di Aiko
Youko Matsuoka
Teshou Genta

Episodio 2

Mayumi Shou
Kei Yuzuki
Ryou Horiuchi
Miyahito Kubota
Yuka Yoshikawa
Hiromi Nakamura
Madre di Kei
Asai Yoshiko
Toshiya Ueda

Episodio 3

Kanehito Shiozawa
Yuhji Mitsuya
Teshou Genta
Ufficiale di Polizia
Morimasa Murakuni

Episodio 4

Madre di Miyu
Shouko Ikeda
Padre di Miyu
Kiyonobu Suzuki
Yumi Takada
Saggio degli Shinma
Goro Naya


Episode 1


City of Supernaturals
released on 1988 July 21 (30min Hi-Fi)

While a vampire-like serial murderer that killed five women in Kyoto is making a news headline, Himiko Se, medium, visits the old capital of Japan. She received a request from a parents of a girl, Aiko Nezawa, who has been asleep for sixty days. She notices a garlic hanging on the gate of Nezawa's house. When Himiko sees the Aiko, she does sense that something is possessing the girl, but she can't help the girl. While chatting with her parents after wards, Himiko finds out that Aiko's mother saw some white robed thing prowling around the house. She senses some connection between the sleeping girl, and the white robed thing. When she leaves Nezawa's, she meets Miyahito, whose girlfriend, Ryoko, was the first victim of the vampire serial murder. He saw the white robed thing enter Nezawa's house, and is determined to kill the thing to stop its rampage. Himiko doubts if he can stop the thing. That night, Himiko visits the shrine that Ryoko was attacked. Suddenly the lights go off and fog sets in. The white robed thing suddenly appears and tries to attack Himiko, when a black robed figure with a mask emerges out of darkness and chases away the white thing. It's Larva. There's a girl, wearing a shortenened kimono, sitting on top of torii. She musingly says that what appears to be vampire is too faithful to myth. She warns Himiko not to get involved in this incident any further, and disappears. Next day, out of desperation, Himiko buys a cross, and goes to the shrine again. There she witnesses the girl in kimono biting the neck of Miyahito. The girl is a vampire. Himiko throws the cross, but the girl catches it and turns it into dust. Then, Himiko realizes that the girl is under intense ray of sunlight, and is still alive, something fatal for a vampire, according to common belief. The girl closes the space surrounding Himiko and her. She explains that she is not the vampire Himiko is looking for. She is after the monster also. She adds that the monster is Shinma, a being that is both demon and god. While the girl can give eternal life to those who wishes in return for blood, the monster just kills the victims. She gives a mysterious advice to Himiko and disappears. "The truth is always within people..." When the space opens up again, Himiko finds herself in a playground with Miyahito, who became like a sleepwalker. Later she visits the hospital where Nezawa's family doctor works. The doctor tell her that the family had a traffic accident. While Aiko's parents were hopeless, the girl needed a blood transfusion. The only problem is that the supply of type AB was short. Her parents knew their fate, so they donated their blood for their daughter's operation. Before the operation was over, they expired. In the orphanage, the little girl claimed that she is a vampire, since though doctors never told her, she knew that she survived by getting her parents' blood. Hearing this, Himiko gets confused, and visits Nezawa's place. Aiko's parents, who are supposed to be dead, are still there, sitting besides sleeping Aiko. "Ghosts?... Damn it.." Meanwhile, outside, the vampire girl and her servant are chasing the white robed thing. Suddenly the "ghost parents" disappear, and Aiko wakes up. The vampire girl bursts into the room, and tries to bite Aiko's neck, but Himiko stops her. "Are you trying to prey on Aiko-chan as well?!!" The girl doesn't answer, instead, the black robed masked figure chases out the white robed thing out of Aiko's body. The vampire girl explains that the thing, a member of Shinma, has been using Aiko. In return for giving her a dream of her dead parents, it ate her soul. Shinma struggles , but is trapped by the walls of tatami that the black figure has put up. The girl orders, "Larva (the black figure), return Shinma by its proper name." Larva engraves the monster's name on tatami. "Raen" Himiko realizes that any Shinma with its name revealed, would loose its power. Raen is returned to the darkness. Everything is over, and Nezawa's house returns to its real worn down shape.

Himiko: What about Aiko-chan?
Girl: She is dead. Anybody who is possessed by Shinma would loose the soul, so...
Himiko: Wasn't there any way to save her?
Girl: There was, but you stopped me, remember? She could've received my blood and became a vampire, like me....

The girl leaves, after questioning weather it was better for Aiko to die, or to live with a guilt of murdering her parents. Next day, Himiko leaves Kyoto. As she wlks by the playground of that day, she sees some jr.high girls are chatting, looking at Miyahito who is sitting on a swing, doing nothing. One of the girl claims that he is submerged in a world of dream. Others laugh at the idea. "But don't you think it would be wonderful if you can be in eternal happiness.?" As they start running past Himiko, to school, Himiko notices that one of them look like the vampire girl, who left without telling her name. Himiko is determined to find the girl again. As she leaves the giggling of the girl echos.

(see the line-to-line translation for the complete story)


Episode 2


"Party of Marionettes"
Released on 1988 October 21 (30min Hi-Fi)

On the display window of a shop in Kyoto, there's a Kyo-doll (doll made in Kyoto). A boy and a girl passing by sees it.

Boy: Don't you think Kyo-doll is kind of scary?
Girl: Why?
Boy: Well, I heard stories like the doll's hair growing..
Girl: Oh, come on..

The vampire girl in school uniform passes by. "So, your time, too, has stopped hasn't it?" In the school she is going to, there's a handsome boy named Kei Yuzuki. The girl eyes on him. He is the target of admiration by many of the girl in school, jr.high, senior high alike. But Kei's attention is solely devoted on Ranka, who is actually Shinma. She promised an eternal life to Kei. Kei met Ranka while he was having trouble with his mother. Meanwhile, Himiko is getting a request from a father of a girl who went missing. He tells that a student saw a wood doll at the place where the girl was supposed to be, and the doll disappeared. She decides to take the job, because she senses that Shinma is behind the incident and that means the vampire girl would be around as well. In the school, the girl who finally reveals her name, Miyu, drops by at the room where Ranka keeps the wood dolls she collected. Miyu isn't intending to fight with Ranka, yet.

Miyu: Why haven't you transformed Kei Yuzuki into a doll? You who transforms young people into dolls to trap their souls, to absorb them. Why, only him?
Ranka giggles.
Miyu: Stop it!
Ranka: I mean.. I didn't know that you were interested in him. You are making a mistake. I'm not interested in him a bit. Kei is the one who made the first move. It seems he somehow found out that I possessed a power, different from other people. Saying that he wants me to entrap his youthfulness. I wonder if he wants to be like these dolls.
Miyu: Larva!!

Larva tries to approach to Ranka, but he and Miyu are surrounded by the dolls. Larva tries to slash his way through, but finds that these dolls actually bleed when they get cut. While Miyu and Larva are startled, Ranka gets away. Himiko arrives at the school, to start the search for clue to the disappearance. She accidentally meet Kei. "wow, handsome boy.." In the library, Miyu warns Kei not to get close to Ranka. Kei answers that he doesn't care even if Ranka is not human. To him, the promise of the eternal life is an excuse to be with her. He loves her, and that's all. "Love her? human and Shinma? !!" She senses something, and disappears. Himiko enters the teacher's lounge, and notices that there's nobody inside. Then the space around her closes. Miyu appears. "I thought I said not to get involved any more." Himiko throws a bottle. Miyu just licks away the water that sprinkled on her hand. "Hmmmm holly water... nice." She starts explaining about herself.

Miyu: I'm Miyu. The last survivor of the people of vampire, one of Shinma, that was once feared as either god, or demons. To me, to live and to drink blood is the same thing. He is Larva. Shinma that became my servant because he received my blood. Anymore questions, Himiko-san?
Himiko: You and those Shinma are the one of the kind, right? Why do you hunt them? On the side of human?... Can'be..
Meanwhile, Kei is trying to persuade to Ranka to give him the eternal life, because somebody started to snoop around him. Ranka is starting to get troubled with her feeling toward Kei. Back in the teacher's lounge, Miyu continues to explain about her duty to Himiko.

Miyu: On the side of human? Once I found out that I'm vampire, I changed all views. I'm returning them under my responsibility. My people has been doing this over generations.
Himiko: Responsibility?
Miyu: It has nothing to do with you. She disappears and the space opens up again, throwing Himiko in the middle of teacher's lounge. Meanwhile, Ranka is waiting for Miyu in a chapel, setting up a stage, using the woods of the chairs. Kei is lying on the floor in front of Ranka. Miyu appears in rather stormy manner.

Ranka: Greetings
Miyu: First, hand him over to me,. Then I'll send you back to the darkness. Larva starts to engrave Shinma's name in mid-air. "Ranka" Before he can finish, Ranka sprays spindles of strings and traps Larva.
Ranka: I don't feel anything to him, but I don't want to give him to a greedy girl.

She starts to handle Kei like a marionette. Miyu tries to cut off the binding between Kei and Ranka, but she gets trapped by Ranka's obi. Larva, who managed to cut all the string loose, slashes away the obi. Miyu manages to get her hand on Kei. When she proudly tells Ranka that the boy will become Miyu's, Ranka transforms into her real form, and dashes towards Miyu. Transformed Ranka gets Kei back, and she starts to transform him into marionette as well. Ranka: You asked why I didn't transform Kei into dolls. I'll answers that question. I fell in love with Kei. That's why I couldn't transform him into doll for food. Shinma and human are different. I tried to forget the love, but that was mistake.

Kei's transformation is complete.
Miyu: Kei....
Ranka: Can you love him? Even that handsome man became like this? Can you drink his blood? I can love him. He is all mine. The two girls face each other. Just then, Himiko enters the room, and stares at the turnabout of events. Miyu painfully orders Larva."Return Shinma to the darkness!!" Both Ranka and Kei are swallowed into the portal that Larva creates.
Himiko: You lost didn't you?
Miyu: Shinma, Ranka was send back to the darkness. I didn't lose.
Himiko: Not as hunter. I'm talking about you as a woman.
Miyu leaves with a lonely face. Ranka and Kei are entering the gate of the darkness together....


Episode 3


"Fragile Armor"
Released on December 21 30min. Hi-Fi

Himiko is in snowing Kamakura, because Miyu asked her for a help. Miyu appears alone. Himiko agrees to help if Miyu talks about her past. "That's it? " A giant armour appears in front of the two, when Miyu tries take Himiko to somewhere.

Miyu: I can't deal with this guy. Please take care of him, Himiko-san.
She flies away.
Himiko: What?!!

She takes out a double bladed dagger, but the monster's swing breaks a blade. "I guess I can't act like somebody in a manga..." (There is a rumor among Anime V readers that Himiko might be a fan of "Peacock King".) She manages to chase the monster away by chanting sutra. Miyu reappears again. She leads Himiko to a temple, where Larva is sealed on the wall. She tells Himiko that Larva is the only friend she has. She didn't know a thing about Shinma before she met Larva. On the day she met him, she was looking at the beach. He appeared in front of startled Miyu, saying that he crossed the ocean to have her blood to become the chief of Shinma. When he prepared to drink her blood, Miyu's blood as vampire woke up, and Larva was victimized in return. (noticed that up till that point, Miyu had brown dyes, but when she became vampire, her eyes became gold?) Since Larva failed his mission, his face and voice were sealed by the mask that stayed on his face since then. After telling all this, Miyu gives Himiko a picture of the armor they just saw. The girl claims that it is the only clue she has. Himiko immediately starts the search, because she started to feel sorry for Miyu since the last encounter. She traces the path of the armor from antique shops to a house where a husband died and his wife followed him. The house was burnt down the night before, and the police is suspecting an arson. Overhead, unknown to Himiko, some bat-like creature is flying, as though it is keeping Himiko under surveillance. That night, when Himiko is taking a train, a young man approaches to her. Himiko lies that she's a university student, doing a research on armors, when the man shows the exact photo of the armor. The man claims to know the whereabout of the armor. She follows the man to an isolated shrine. The armor appears in front of her. When she tries to chant a sutra, the man covers her mouth, and starts strangling her. He already knew who Himiko is. Just before Himiko looses her consciousness, a fire ball hits the man's hand. It's Miyu. She knew Remlus was the one who sealed Larva, but she was having trouble locating him. Himiko realizes what Miyu was doing with her. "YOU USED ME, DIDN'T YOU ??!!." Miyu doesn't answer back. She just smiles to the enraged medium. The armor challenges Miyu. "If you're Shinma hunter, see if you can hunt me!" Instead of doing so, Miyu shows the armor a fire ball, that shows his memory as human. He was the husband who died in the house Himiko traced to. He was revived by Remlus, with a false memory that he is Shinma. Confused by two contradicting memories, the armor passes out. Miyu looks at Remlus coldly. "In your case, I will not return you to the darkness. I'll burn you down to ashes." Remlus was very close friend of Larva, actually more than friend. He came to Japan to get his friend back. Remlus tries to attack the girl, but she easily evades Remlus's attack. She in return shoots out fire balls, that surround Remlus and engulves him. Just as his body is consumed by fire, Remlus shouts " Larva! How come you got deceived by that girl!" Sealed Larva's eyes grow red, again. "Remlus, Can't you see the sadness in that girl?" While Miyu and Himiko's attentions are paid to dying Remlus, they don't notice that the armor woke up again. It grabs Miyu and starts to crush her body. When Himiko tries cast a spell to the armor, a very familiar black figure flies in, and slashes arms off the armor. Larva's seal was broken. Miyu cuddles to her only friend and servant, who she can open her heart to. She tries to force the armor to remember the memory he forgot. He refuses to admit that he was once a human. He starts walking into the town of Kamakura. Police immediately set up a road block. Larva continuously slashes the body of the armor. Miyu wants the armor to be punished by the law of human, not of Shinma, because he is human. When he sees the red lump, he finally recalls what happened. Miyu explains to Himiko. When the husband of that house died, his wife asked Remlus for his revival. For Remlus to perform the black magic of revival, he needed a soul and a body of living human. The wife donated her body, and the man's soul was revived, using the armor as the new body. Just as he finished recalling his memory, the police squad opens fire to the monster that terrorized the town. "Stop I'm human!!" The armor shouts, as he falls.

Himiko: Why didn't you let him die as Shinma?! There are things that people want to forget!
Miyu: I can't forgive anybody who forget their sad memories.... Because I never did...
Himiko: ? Miyu...

Miyu disappears, before Himiko can ask anything more. The snow, that just started to come down, starts covering the body of tragic man..


Episode 4


"Frozen Time"
Released on April 21 30min Hi-Fi

Himiko is visiting Kamakura again, to trace back her childhood memory. She remembers that when she was 3, she went into an eerie house on top of a hill, and saw some strange things flying around. She also remembers that she ran away from that house frightened, but can't remember what exactly she happened in between. She arrives to the place where she think she saw the house, and sees no house. So, she dismisses the memory as a dream, and starts to go back, when that exact house appears in front of her. Inside the house, she sees two people sealed upside down. Miyu appears out of nowhere, as usual, and informs Himiko that they are the girl's parents. Himiko, as usual starts to talk to Miyu in scorn way. Looking at her, Miyu seems to noticed something. "There are people who don't change by having their blood drank once. They continue to grow normal, and one day, suddenly their blood, like mine, wake up." Himiko rejects those words, violently. Miyu adds that the way Himiko is talking, she is trying to hard claim that she is human. Miyu knows something about Himiko. Himiko demands to know the past of Miyu. She starts talking. The house they are in, used to be the house that Miyu and her parents lived. She always thought that her parents are different from most people. Once she talked about her future dream to her father, but he denied her future. He was a collector of paintings. Miyu often saw him staring at painting for a long time, making her worry. Then, came the day her blood as vampire woke up, after meeting Larva. She tried to seek counsel of her parents, but she couldn't find a way to start talking about it. "Painting is great, because it can capture the beauty forever." To those father's words, Miyu fired back. " An instant that's different from others, is beautiful." She always liked to stare at the sea, but she was scared of sea at night, because she felt something might take her away, she confessed to her mother. She couldn't talk to her parents at all. She tried to forget about the incident, convincing herself that it was just a dream. But the blood that has woken up once is hard to keep under control. Miyu couldn't control her blood as a vampire. Once day one of her schoolmate became second victim. Her mind sank with the guilt of killing innocent people, and the fear of her transformation to something unknown. Her friend, Akiko, asked depressed and frightened Miyu "do you know something?" Akiko, who romanticized by the idea of eternal life, saw the murder, and asked to check. That night, Larva comforts Miyu who was guilt driven by the murder she had committed. Later, she tried to convince herself that she is human, by holding a cross, and standing in front of mirror. During those turmoils, her eyes changed back and forth between brown and gold, as her blood as human and vampire switched. One day Akiko visits Miyu's house. Akiko knew that Miyu was vampire, and asked Miyu to drink her blood. For Akiko, who dream of immortal life, Miyu looked like some sort of wizard. Miyu claimed she is human, but Akiko didn't take her seriously, and exposed her neck. Though her mind didn't want to, her blood and body, as vampire couldn't resist the temptation. She drew her lip toward Akiko's neck. "A.. are you serious?" For a moment Akiko showed surprise. Just then, mother cut in, and stops her daughter. That night, Miyu is given a glass of blood, from her mother. Just as she finished drinking the blood, her father entered the room. "They had come..." Chief of Shinma appeared behind father, and sealed the space around. Mother started talking about the true purpose of her people. "We are Shinma. We, who were once feared as both god and demon, left the ground for human, and lived in the bottom of deep darkness. And only one family left behind on the ground, as a observer to ensure that their people's sleep in the darkness go undisturbed. That's us.. " Those Shinma with this duty, handed down the duty from generation to generation. "Tonight, is the night that darkness and Shinma gather. You have to succeed the duty according to the rule of your blood...." Mother told Miyu sadly of her fate. Miyu refused to recognize herself as Shinma, but her body already remembered the feeling of drinking blood. Chief told "your family is not immortal, You grow old and die. So the succession is necessary. In return, you will be free of all the restraint as vampire, and will given a power to give humans immortality. Not take away life, but to give. That is Shinma." Then he tried to proceed with baptism of Miyu, extending his tentacles. Frightened girl clung onto her mother. Mother ran with her daughter, to get away from the tentacles. Larva assisted the escape, making a way for his master and her mother an escape route. Miyu's father kept on standing where he was when the chief appeared. Miyu and her mother ran through a forest, in darkness. Even though she is Shinma, Miyu's mother couldn't stand to see the fate of her daughter. She begged Miyu not to drink blood again. Miyu asked back "Don't all humans want eternal life?" Her mother of the man she loved and drunk his blood because she loved him.. He is Miyu's father. He had became soulless doll as the result. "Because humans have death, they have the beauty of life. Giving eternal life is in essence would giving them misfortune. I'll rescue Miyu from the destiny, even at the cost of my life.." But the vampire in Miyu couldn't control the thirst for blood. She put her fungus on her own mother. She realized that the glassful of blood was her mother's blood. As she cried over her mother's cold body, Shinma caught up with her. Her parents' soul were sealed. As a punishment, Chief gave a task for Miyu. In order to unseal her parents' soul, she must hunt Shinma that escaped from darkness, and return them. Miyu received a restraint. "So, my time was stopped. To accomplish the task even if it takes several hundred years." Though the task is cruel, Miyu's expression is not heavy. Himiko asks if Miyu finish her task, and her parents' seal breaks, can she go back to original task as an observer.. She answers she will, but she mumbles that she has one thing to say to her mother. Once Miyu's mother gambled her life to prevent Miyu from leading a regrect-filled life which gives immortality to humans by drinking blood. Right now, Miyu is taking the path, contradictory to her mother's wish. Himiko asks what it is that she wants to say to her mother. But without answering, Miyu disappears into darkness.. Then, Himiko wakes up at the foof of hill that the house was located. Was she dreaming? She walks up the hill and sees no house, but then, she recalls what she saw in that eerie house. There was a girl who approached to terrified little Himiko. That was Miyu. She looked exactly like as Himiko saw right now. She can't tell when Miyu got the task, but she saw the vampire girl, long ago. "There are people who don't change by having their blood drank once. They continue to grow normal, and one day, suddenly their blood, like mine,wake up." She recalls what Miyu said. Himiko continued to deny Miyu who drank human blood, to survive, the way Miyu said, insinuated that Himiko, too, has the blood of vampire, just like Miyu. Himiko looks up in the sky, to recall what exactly happened after she saw Miyu in that house. As though enjoying Himiko's confusion, Miyu's giggling echos.